Walk The Talk!

In one of our outdoor camping activities, we chose to take a new route to trek

As it is wise to take the guidance of a local guide or a tribal, we engaged a local guide whose credentials we failed to cross-verify

Deep into the woods, we…

Work your way up 👍

The toad inside a well heard noises from above, the toad was amazed because till that moment the toad had heard only the sounds made by the fishes, the water swirling noise and by the other toads

This guy got curious and decided to investigate…

Path of self-control!

Self-control is a life lesson that is either learnt in time or taught by time

A charging bull elephant knows to abruptly stop if the need arises, considering the physical size it's a task well balanced

Self-control begins from the self-realisation of our physical and mental strength

Mind peacefulness!

The grass blades intently listened to the noise of the bamboo grove swaying in unison

They realized that the wind speed was steadily increasing and expected a storm to cross by nightfall

All the grass blades came closer to each other to form a kind of lock chain link 🔗 to weather the storm

The next morning was bright and shiny, the entire woods came to life and the grass blades felt the calmness in the woods as well in their thoughts

Like these grass blades, try listening to the inner meaning of any given conversation, analyse and try accepting the facts of the words thus spoken

Abide by to implement in your daily walks of life, try improving your steps by listening/reading more of such wisdom

By this, the walk on your life path will be one of peace 🙏🏼

Brave personality!

A lion was taking a nap beneath a tree, three hyenas that were passing by mistook the lion to be sick and stealthily began to approach the lion 🦁

The lion smelled them at a distance, lifted its head, took a glance and relaxed

At close quarters the hyenas began to self doubt their calculations on the prey because of the display of self-confidence by the lion

When the gap narrowed, all that the lion did was the rise and roared and that sent the hyenas running for their life

The qualities that the lion displayed were 👇

Unassuming, Calm & Collected, Self-realization, Self-confidence, Self-reliant, Self-trust, Presence of mind and the timely action

We all know that a lion doesn't hunt unless it's hungry

A brave person seldom boast but remain humble 🙏🏼

Character Building!

The seed in fruit when sowed, the yield of the tree when grown may not taste similar, it may differ as per the soil, the climate, the environment, the water table, the germination process, the sun ☀️ shine, the wind and the flora & fauna

To derive the…

Core business pivoting in time!

When should a business pivot 👇

When a product or service turns redundant

When a product or service isn't the trend

When a product or service is obsolete

Then it's time to shift the focus

Let me set an example for this post-pandemic scenario 👇

Being Grounded Value!

The herd of elephants were marching forward when the leader spotted an army of ants crossing their path

The leader trumpeted a halt and the entire herd obeyed to stand still till the last ant crossed over

The leader could have blown away the army of ants…

Don't be Selfish!

I was relishing a teacake (250gms) all by myself

Thoughts of the homeless person whom I passed by on the way back home flashed in my mind

Well this was my hard-earned cake after a rigorous 16hr hard labour at the factory supply line

Times are quite…

Humility or being Humble!

Humility is an important quality for upwardly mobile people and the term upwardly mobile persons refer to those who work to succeed in life and career

The leaders who replace ‘I' with ‘We' replace pride with performance which enables them to identify a leader and work with them to make a leader

History holds enough records of great emperor's who lost not only their empire but self-respect too due to giving room for ego to engulf their personality

Alter ego shadows humility which shadows the empathetic value which results in the downfall of a person

Humility or being humble keeps a person grounded, help remain connected with the roots of humanity and inspire to grow organically 🙏🏼

suryanarayanan k

Who Am I * 40yrs self-employment 👇 • Printing & Packaging • Tourism Resort Promotor • Adventure sports & camping events • Backpacker, Solo traveller • Writer

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