Is there a difference between Working & Begging?

As the vehicles slowed down and stopped at the traffic signal junction, a swarm of beggars in various attires (attire here = sympathy simulator)

Converged to launch their street show of sympathy, a well-rehearsed drama that normally never falls to rise the…

Remembrance of the past!

On a winter early morning hours in the year 1975, the passenger train slowly came to a stop on the only platform that was human friendly

This tiny railway station sported a two-room structure that accommodated the station master's space and the railway signal control room

The path of an entrepreneur!

An 18-year old boy was riding his bicycle through the lanes of his locality on a sunny afternoon

Feeling a bit thirsty the boy stopped next to a fruit juice counter and ordered a glass of orange juice without sugar and the ice cubes


A soldier on a cause!

The boy woke up startled at the cries and shouting by the elders!

It was pitch dark, he called out to his mother, there was no response, he tried searching for her by crawling all around the space

She was nowhere to be felt or…

Youth mind distractions!

While inserting the thread inside the eye of a sewing needle, the mind must synch with our eyes vision to focus

Else the repeated attempts to successfully insert the thread will fail

So are life goals which are either self-set or set by the situations in life

Self-boasting or bragging !

The herd of elephants 🐘 diverted the flooding river towards the dry pastures of the forest by directing the flow using the tree logs

This isn't a fictional part but an ongoing lifestyle inside the jungle where each of the lives plays a designated and significant…

Shyness to self-confidence!

The fawn sooner it is born must rise and run to survive and nature had instilled this quality in the wilderness

A lion cornered by two hyenas will just rise and roar to give the hyenas a run for their life

But the same lion will just…

Business Success & Failure!

An entrepreneur who succeeds in the business normally tend to seek the counselling of a philosopher to find a self-balanced life

An entrepreneur who had failed to succeed in the business seeks to become a philosopher to find a way to balance their life

The level…

Mind Wandering!

The year 2021 said goodbye!

See when there is a goodbye the mind goes in the auto mode to rewind the past

The first quarter of the year 2021 raised the hopes of a solution to the pandemic efforts

The second wave crashed on the shores of humankind…

Rise & shine like the sun 🔆

Early morning hours, standing at the seashore I let my mind roam around

It was just before dawn hours, the sand appeared a pale grey, the waves were crashing on the shore but I could only find the outline of the breakers though…

suryanarayanan k

Who Am I * 40yrs self-employment 👇 • Printing & Packaging • Tourism Resort Promotor • Adventure sports & camping events • Backpacker, Solo traveller • Writer

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