Self Analysis!

On our first visit to the local vegetable market, we will take a casual stroll to identify and connect with a vendor upon whom our conscious thinking felt convinced

After the customary bargains, the vegetable bag is filled with assorted vegetables and before we take leave of the vendor, the usual question is asked - ‘can I trust you

When we attach so much importance to analyse and conclude on a vegetable vendor shouldn't we give more importance to self analyse our self-reliance?

Our walks of daily life throw many challenges which unless realized, will be a bit…

Personality Development!

At 10 buckets of water per day, one may haul from the pond

At 100 buckets, one may draw from the well

At 1000 buckets, one has to opt for pipe water supply

50 years earlier, Bullock carts were the trend and so was the speed of lifestyle

20 years ago, jet speeds were trending

Today we have space rockets

One minute of productivity has evolved, as the lifestyles evolved, today anyone with the mindset of the Bullock cart times will surely be a misfit

As each minute productivity increased as per the speed of technology growth, the…

Entrepreneurs Obstacles!

The following was my reply to an entrepreneur who like many others is facing a tough situation in the entrepreneurial journey

Vision > Passion > Goal > Plan > Implement > Perceive > Grow > Sustain > Evolve > Modify > Adapt > Progress

This is the entrepreneur's average journey during which travel there shall be testing times that may either make the journey joyful or break the journey to feel sorrowful

The only source that can keep an entrepreneur robust and remain hopeful is Self Confidence

Self Realization educate an entrepreneur to focus on the core issues…

Life Purpose !

* The chase for wealth keeps one competitive!
* The chase for love keeps one complete!

Childhood to adulthood is a transformation during which process somewhere the love is lost and the chase for wealth begins

This run for wealth is an ongoing chase that ends mostly in the grave

The single denomination currency which was treasured initially turns a negligible sum as the lifestyle changes

Quest for wealth, the add on power and the comforts that come as a package influence & consume a person mindset

This drastic change in the mindset makes a person easily…

Dig out Knowledge!

As I looked at the temple in ruins my mind related to how much we have ruined in our thinking that the values of the glorious past are skipped

The classical (7th - 8th) century and the medieval (12th - 13th) century periods set the landmark of multiple temples with unique historical value

As an architectural marvel, these temple structures demonstrate precision and a harmonious geometry which when viewed from any angle illustrate the geometric patterns and the elaborate & decorative sculptures

Though the entrance tower to the outer parikrama and the inner tower to the sanctum…

Life & Profession - Race!

The starting barrier was lined with Thoroughbred breeds all raring to gallop

Call to the post song trumpeted, the colts stamped the legs, the jockey held the position at the gap

The homestretch was inviting as well as pondering the minds of the jockeys, would it be a Garrison finish?

A billion-dollar question that typically prevails in the thoughts of the jockeys just before the gates are thrown open

There on from the start till the finish, it's a real race to win, the man and the colts synchronize to test their endurance

Of course…

True Smile

A smile on the face radiates than the wad of currency on hand!

The attendee at the air filling counter in the fuel station will feel happy at our word of thanks with a smile on our face than the tip

The luggage porter at the railway station will find true joy not only when we open the wallet but also when we open our mouths to thank the person for the service

The taste of the meal at the restaurant fills not only our hearts but of the waiter too when we appreciate their care for fulfilling…

R U Ok?

This sounded hollow because my mind was not in a state to recognize this sound wave

I looked around for the source of the sound, couldn't find anyone and it took a while for me to realize that the sound was internal, reverberating from my subconscious mind

My entrepreneurial journey for the past 36 years has grounded to a halt, dreams shattered, goals disillusioned, the whole past self-employed life went pointless

Yes, bankruptcy started at my face, it took me clear two years to get out of the self-dumbed garbage pit

Self-confidence took a great dive, the…

Octogenarian Life!

Life in Octogenarian years can be blissful when the mind self realize the values and preferences of others in being independent as well remain interdependent

While on a long drive, the vehicle as well the driver may not remain as fit as they were at the start of the drive, the long drive will impact the physical and energetic levels

Imagine a situation that while on the drive the vehicle broke down inside a long tunnel and the electrical power inside the tunnel too switched off

The darkness and the vehicle condition is bound to put off anyone…

Unwanted Thoughts!

At a supermarket, there shall be displayed multiple goods that will attract our attention of which many of them would not be on our planned shopping list

Still few of these unplanned goods will invariably be bought and stored at homes, this will occupy space as well necessitate inventory management

These unwanted purchases will also dent our monthly financial budget and lead to the habit of impulsive buying

If we relate our lifestyle with this supermarket shopping visit, we can easily find the checking points to focus upon

There shall be unwarranted situations that may arise in our life which can be resisted at the early stage itself to prevent from falling into the trap of a negative mindset

Unnecessary goods purchase and unwanted thoughts must be resisted and arrested at an early stage to lead a peaceful life

suryanarayanan k

Who Am I * 40yrs self-employment 👇 • Printing & Packaging • Tourism Resort Promotor • Adventure sports & camping events • Backpacker, Solo traveller • Writer

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