suryanarayanan k
2 min readMar 12, 2024


A drop of water πŸ’¦

As I opened the tap to brush my teeth, there was a rush of air but not a drop of water

Perplexed, I starred at the tap for some time and then proceeded to cross-check the valve and the other tap

Confirmed that there wasn't a flow of water, I inspected the overhead tank to find just a tiny pool of water well below the exit pipe

The water level inside the sump was also well below the suction pipe and hence, I couldn't switch on the water pump

Annoyed, I called the water supply regulator; an employee of the water board, to demand a reason for the delay and for the supply of water πŸ’¦

After a dozen attempts, he finally answered to say that due to a severe shortage in the water storage at the main dam

The water supply is restricted to once a week and I should either manage it or source from private tankers

Left with no other options, I Google searched for local water suppliers and tried to connect for sourcing the supply

Alas, none of them answered the calls which was a bit weird since their livelihood rests on a private supply of water

By this time our neighbourhood was out on the streets demanding a supply of water but to no avail

The reality of the water crisis dawned to scare me and made me thoroughly uncomfortable

Because I may survive without brushing my teeth or taking a shower but what about shit...?

Woke up with a jolt and immediately felt relieved to realise that 'By God, it's just a dream'

But the factual situation in the city of my residence which is reeling under extreme water scarcity

May very well turn the dream into a reality

Therefore, even before brushing my teeth, I thoroughly checked all the taps for any leaks though a month earlier, I had employed a plumber to sort these issues

"One drop of water that leaks will amount to roughly 9 litres of water wasted in a single day"

If one tap leak results in 9 lits wastage, calculating the average water wastage in any given house due to negligence is overwhelming

Water conservation begins in homes to save water for personal needs and as well for the generations to come

A drop of water πŸ’¦
can make all the difference

* Save Water Save Future