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1 min readMay 13, 2021


Anger or Smile !

Anger may turn friends into enemies but a Smile will turn all enemies into Friends

Anger creates fear and distrust -
Yelling and angry expressions make a dear person to fear us, friends & associates will begin to distance themselves

Frequent anger if uncontrolled will lead to hurt feelings and may end up causing physical as well emotional harm

Anger also affect the facial muscles to tense and in course of time turn the face expression as a permenant scorn

Wherein a Smile radiant the surroundings, creates a positive vibe and is contageous too

Smile makes everyone to feel better because other's, consciously or subconsciously connect with the smiling person

A ever smiling person will be treated as a cheerful,happy, friendly and kind person -

The facial muscles lift at smile and make a person look attractive & young

Anger will eventually lead to loneliness and depression causing agony to that person as well the well-wishers

Smile will unite to bring happiness in everyone and eventually build a beautiful relationship around

Anger will cost friendship & relationship
Smile will cause friendship & relationship

Let's choose smile over anger and lead a happy life 🙏



suryanarayanan k

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