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1 min readApr 23, 2021


Covid Beware !

Ambulance sirens are stirring my soul for the past few days !

indeed it is an alarming period since the frequency of these ambulances driven at emergency speed has since increased, for sure

Covid 2nd wave... pandemic... vaccination... Covid test..Covid positive !

Just not the talk of town but 'stark truth' starring right at everyone's face

All media's are on it and I got this statistics from one of the social media -
Covid cases has crossed 3lac mark/India

Note that these numbers are running like an 'auto' meter

Now I really hate numbers or should I blame the public or must I regret that I had not actively participated in any Covid awareness programmes

Anyway it's currently too late to ponder and the best one can do is be self and socially responsible towards the Covid precautions to be followed

Atleast this way we can try and slow down the 'auto' meter

Also please be aware that your own meter too is ON

Time to make amends with our past deeds, self realise, save ourselves and if possible, other's from this situation !

I have heard and at times felt that 'time' is on fast mode, why to debate

Better rise to the occasion 🙏



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