suryanarayanan k
2 min readMay 29, 2024

Creator and the Creations - a short analysis 👇

Why we, the creations assume that our Creator has missed to bless us with
Wealth, Health, Wisdom and Peace in Life?
Because our faith on our Creator is sowed with the 'hope' that, the Creator will bless us with all these comforts as we grow!
Do we actually Grow?
We do, if growth is defined by physical measurements but when measured by the level of 'maturity'
Our growth isn’t uniform across the globe 🌎
A mother will know what her child needs and provides in time, as per time
Our Creator is in a way, the 'mother' who brings us into this world and will obviously know our needs, which the Creator will provide to us in time, as per our 'times'
Here, 'time' denotes our past deeds and we get to be blessed as per the values of our deeds
Isn’t true that 'what we sow, is what we reap?
Creator is present in all creations and hence the Creator too lives in each life of His creations
If what we seek to be blessed with isn’t fulfilled by our Creator, then the cause for that should be realised and the path of 'salvation' must be sought
Rather than curse the Creator for causing the 'situations' in our life, since the Creator isn’t the creator of the cause but our own deeds in the past
Situations in life happens, actually to educate us and guide us to mould ourselves
To lead a better life by
Thinking Good, Acting Good and Doing Good
Even if we aren’t capable of living our life with the above qualities
We should atleast try not to think 'ill' of others nor cause harm in their lives
This way of life may lead us in the right path to offset our past 'karmas'
Say, beginning from next time, when we pray to the Creator, let’s seek His blessings to be present in us and provide to us the strength to face our life situations and emerge wiser 🌿
*When we breakaway from our selfcentered thinking and begin to look at the world with a open mind, we will find billions of people going through much tougher situations in life and this realisation will strengthen our faith and hopes on the Creator 🙏