suryanarayanan k
2 min readApr 16, 2024


Curse of India (Bharat)

Around 120 million years earlier, India drifted away from a super continent 'The Gondwana' and came to rest at the present location of the globe 🌎

The scattered human groups of this drifted land, termed Munda Aborgines were considered as the natives of India who witnessed the arrival of Dravidians around 4600 years ago

Dravidians, establishing themselves as indeginous inhabitants of India, improved the way of living of the existing natives by imparting their practiced system of existence and the life values to adhere to

Aryans invaded India around 3500 years ago to establish deep cultural traditions backed with knowledge to understand and present the Vedas (superior knowledge) for the common person to realise the depth of wisdom stored in the subject

The skintone, mother tongue and cultural practices defied the possible unity among Aryans and Dravidians which is still prevalent, despite the change in lifestyles and technology

Indo - Aryan, aka dravidians & aryans race began to take shape to result in the usage of a common language 'Sanskrit' in which, many ancient valuable scriptures found their birth to establish 'Hinduism' way of living

The battle for supremacy kept the prospering land divided into segments of kingdoms which was the cause (curse) of 'Doom' for the nation

7th century witnessed the invasion by Arabs, followed by Mughal to establish Islamic rule by ruthlessly destroying the identity of Hinduism and Hindhus

16th century marked the arrival of British who systematically and efficiently colonised the nation by capitalising on the indifferences among the rulers of the nation to rewrite the ancient knowledge of the land and spread Christianity

Independence gradually established democracy but failed to uphold the values of interdependency because the nation still remains divided by respective states that are governed or ruled by the so called elected political parties

Languages differ, external appearances differ, faiths differ, living styles differ but these aren't the core cause for a divided nation, it's our blind faith to what we belive that divides us apart

India (Bharat) is still left with scope for a prosperous future subject to the citizens uniting to uplift the nation by burying their indifferences

May the curse of India to remain divided be benedicted through our prayers and efforts for "Unity In Diversity"

Let's strive together for "One Nation - Whole Nation" 👉 The Power Is In Our Hands Now 'Vote'