Dig out Knowledge!

As I looked at the temple in ruins my mind related to how much we have ruined in our thinking that the values of the glorious past are skipped

The classical (7th - 8th) century and the medieval (12th - 13th) century periods set the landmark of multiple temples with unique historical value

As an architectural marvel, these temple structures demonstrate precision and a harmonious geometry which when viewed from any angle illustrate the geometric patterns and the elaborate & decorative sculptures

Though the entrance tower to the outer parikrama and the inner tower to the sanctum are common amongst the temples, the legend behind the main deity vary

The beautifully detailed sculpture carvings educate on the culture and lifestyles of that era with each sculpture or the detailed painting, communicating on the respective values

Even to cook a simple dish, considerable efforts are put in, to imagine the hours of millions of creative minds that must have been put in to create such marvels which are standing the test of times

Learning is a continuing process that transcends age hence it is never too late to begin the learning

So the next time we chance upon a temple in ruins, let's remember the knowledge that's lying buried inside and awaiting the learner to dig it out

While we are all busy self digging for the treasure, let's dig for knowledge too 🙏🏼

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