Divine path & Human path!

It was on a sunny morning in April year 2000 that I rode for the first time on that stretch of the main road en route to my business house

There was this tiny shrine located at a small curve on the main road and a few of the passing motorists used to halt briefly to offer their prayers

I was one of those motorists who made it a habit to stop, pray and move on with the daily life

Gradually the number of devotees increased as per the increase in traffic as the years passed

The priest began to conduct weekly special prayers which attracted large followers most of whom chose to park their vehicles right on the main road corners

This led to traffic chaos during those hours of prayers and turned into a huge hindrance for the other motorists

Like adding fuel to the fire, the so-called self-appointed administrative team of the shrine constructed speed breakers without written consent from the traffic authorities

Verbal duels, angry scenes and threatening gestures became part of the everyday schedule for the motorists who were all commuting on this stretch of the main road

All actions are supposed to have equal and opposite reactions as per humans law which is translated as a writ filed by one of the regular commuters at the local court of law

Many of the other agitated and affected motorists jointly signed this petition and this carried the weight by drawing the interest of the news media

The article was duly acknowledged by the traffic authorities who with the court representation gave an ultimatum to the shrine administrators to remove the speed breakers and arrange an alternate parking space

It is either the divine intervention or the philanthropist quality in the property holder who owned the land behind the temple compound

The landlord bequeathed the land in favour of the Lord which sorted the parking issue and provided enough space to expand the shrine structures

My drives on that stretch stretched till March of the year 2013 and during these drives, I witnessed the growth of the shrine while experiencing the fall of my business

On my last day and the final stopover to offer my prayers, I asked the Lord 'when you managed to find a donor to sort your shrines problem couldn't you make attempts to sort your devotees business problem'

This probably irked the Lord since within the next year I was stripped clean and left with nothing other than the Hope of survival

Time flew by and the other day after a gap of nine years I happened to pass the shrine on that stretch, trust me when I mention that the shrine was glowing and growing

I chose to move on without any grudges in my life path since I realized that the designs of a human will have no relevance with the designs of the Divine

By the way, the Lord has thousands of devotees to address who while on their way make it a point to stopover for praying to save them on their lifeway

The bell at the shrine rang to resonate with my thoughts as if to acknowledge my way of thinking in a rational way

I have come to learn that it is wise to pursue our path than attempting to cross the Divines path while driving on our life highway 🙏🏼


Who Am I * 40yrs self-employment 👇 • Printing & Packaging • Tourism Resort Promotor • Adventure sports & camping events • Backpacker, Solo traveller • Writer

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suryanarayanan k

Who Am I * 40yrs self-employment 👇 • Printing & Packaging • Tourism Resort Promotor • Adventure sports & camping events • Backpacker, Solo traveller • Writer