Entrepreneurs Obstacles!

The following was my reply to an entrepreneur who like many others is facing a tough situation in the entrepreneurial journey

Vision > Passion > Goal > Plan > Implement > Perceive > Grow > Sustain > Evolve > Modify > Adapt > Progress

This is the entrepreneur's average journey during which travel there shall be testing times that may either make the journey joyful or break the journey to feel sorrowful

The only source that can keep an entrepreneur robust and remain hopeful is Self Confidence

Self Realization educate an entrepreneur to focus on the core issues which when approached with Self Confidence, the vision on the mission will be crystal clear

Technology up-gradation, Client onboarding/retention, Team management, Fund management, To scale-up, Growth market research and such are the usual obstacles faced by an entrepreneur

I stepped into the entrepreneurial journey in the year 1982 and exited in the year 2017, my travel saw me through 4 different verticals in self-employment, the growth graph 📉 📈 projected both the green & red

While you are on the highway driving the car 🚘, despite your cautious driving there may arise situations where your skill to handle the issue will be tested, calm & collected mindset will be your base strength at this juncture, once you can focus, solutions can be found to resolve the issue

So consider your present entrepreneurial status as similar to that of a highway drive situation, regain control of your mind, analyse the core issue, reach out for skilled assistance and try to continue driving

Remember this - where there is darkness there shall rise brightness ☀️ so long the dark hours are managed

Good wishes 👍



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