R U Ok?

This sounded hollow because my mind was not in a state to recognize this sound wave

I looked around for the source of the sound, couldn't find anyone and it took a while for me to realize that the sound was internal, reverberating from my subconscious mind

My entrepreneurial journey for the past 36 years has grounded to a halt, dreams shattered, goals disillusioned, the whole past self-employed life went pointless

Yes, bankruptcy started at my face, it took me clear two years to get out of the self-dumbed garbage pit

Self-confidence took a great dive, the future looked very bleak and every second turned into a nightmare

Each step that I took was unsteady, my mind and body was the worst affected, everyone around became a suspect in my thoughts

Thankfully the self-discipline quality that was instilled into my system in the early stage of my life which I had followed religiously helped me to check-in time, recover & recollect to identify the reality

Once the realization of the situation that I was in dawned on me, the recovery process began and my mind started to look for the optional source to engage

That was the moment I found the writer in me, the initially written contents didn't make any sense even to me leave the alone the readers

Still, I persisted and today am writing this post to thank my subconscious mind for reminding me in time on my self-discipline quality by which I was able to find the exit from my negative mindset

R U Ok?
Asked my subconscious mind on this R U Ok day and I replied
Am Ok, Now!

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