Gift of Leader!

In a stable, the colts will stand out as able stallions through their acquired skill to perform

The trainer will never opt for the pressure mode training rather by love, care and timely guidance

The breeder will watch the growth of the colt to a beautiful stallion to admire its uniqueness

In a team, the able person will stand out by their self ability and a leader will keep observing the team members and identify their individual aspiring leadership qualities

An able leader will never rely on pressure tactics rather on the encouraging mode to identify and inspire

The colt is let to freely run around the ranch to self build its muscles and progressively trained to focus on its run with a purpose

The environment, the nutritious feeds, timely training and the love & care by the trainer inspires the colt to grow into an able stallion

Interns are like these colts, must be extended a free hand to self-build their unique skills and then trained to upskill

The team environment plays a role in inspiring an aspiring intern to focus on the team leaders guidance to self-build their leadership qualities

The skill to inspire, encourage and guide an intern to self build their leadership qualities is the gift and skill of an able leader

The skill to connect, care and train a colt to grow into a lively stallion is the skill of the generally gifted trainer

Whether it's a stable or a team, the colt to grow as an able stallion and an intern to upskill as an able leader is in the self skill of the trainer and the team leaders

Rise your leadership quality to raise your gifted ability to find the gifted person👍

I earnestly request you to read my expressions at and share your valuable thoughts to reform my writing 🙏🏼



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