How important are effective communications ?

I came across a humorous content, thou it brought a smile on my face, the narration stirred my thoughts on the need for effective communication

A husband after checking into his hotel room found a PC and decided to send a mail to his wife but unfortunately missed to key in the correct email id

Hence the mail landed in the inbox of a widow who had just returned from her husband's funeral

She opened her computer to check for condolence mails and saw this mail hence she opened to read but fainted within seconds

Because the contents of the mail read -
'to my loving wife, am aware u wd be surprised to hear from me at such a short time but they have computers here and am allowed to send mails to my love, I have just checked IN, how r u and d kids, d place is really nice but I feel lonely so have made necessary arrangements 4 ur arrival 2 morrow, expecting u darling, i can't wait to see u'

A small error in typing the correct mail id altogether alter the true value of a content and unnecessarily cause hardships to the sender as well the receiver

Similarly a misspell could also change the intended meaning as an adverse comment and unless corrected in time, might break relationships

Ever since human's upgraded from sign language to spoken language, wrote alphabets and numericals, communication quality did improve to great levels

The issue is in unfocussed and careless communications hence it is wise to put one's mind into what is being written or said
And that include my Writings too !
Do correct me whenever I skip a beat and that if you find time & mind to do so 🙏

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