It's close to three years since we relocated to our current residence, located in the suburbs

Calm, Serene, Unpolluted, Noise less place and closer to the majestic Western Ghats mountains

From the terrace I could see vast areas of greenery - coconut farms, vegetables cultivation, rice fields, vineyards that strech for miles

Gradually this scene changed to residential layouts, apartments, villas and large scale retirement communities

Few of the top builders are actively contributing to this environmental change thou their project plans adhere to the standards

At a rough estimate, about 140 acres of fertile soil must have been turned to concrete structures

In a way the presence of corporate builders is bit convincing since all their projects will strictly follow the guidelines

One good thing out of these developments is that near soon, Nature lovers like me

Will move to the jungles since it's hardly 40kms away, thou, personally I would love that

I doubt the jungle's love for human's :)

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