suryanarayanan k
2 min readJan 31, 2024


"Karma” has a way of dealing with 👤

3 factors that determine our happiness, sorrow and hope in life are 👇

Willpower, Health and Wealth

Emperors becoming Poppers, Healthy falling Sick and Resolutely turning meek are found written in history 📜 and seen in everyday walks of life

Theoretically, the cause may point to individuals making but, “Karma” which is generally attributed to philosophical or spiritual does indicate an overlap with the principles of physics

Intellectually, the actual cause is directly proportional to the deeds of a person in their lifetime

1. Arrogance, a derivative of wealthy and powerful, lures the mind to ignore the ethics of life, thus causing hardship in others' lives

2. Compassion, the gift of being humble and philanthropic, inspires the mind to uphold the ethics of life and lead a meaningful life

The choice to live a life either as the first category or the second rests with the individuals and the resultant “Karma” is as per the choice

Life, of course, gives ample opportunities to realise, reconcile, reform and change the attitude to do good or at least refrain from causing any further trouble to others

Good deeds may not erase the past bad deeds but will heal the hearts that were hurt

Intentional hardship caused to other lives increases the “Bad Karma”

Selfless services to other lives improve the “Good Karma”

Now, we know how to equate and square the “Karmic state”

* So, why delay?

* pls note that this applies only to people of the first category