Life & Profession - Race!

The starting barrier was lined with Thoroughbred breeds all raring to gallop

Call to the post song trumpeted, the colts stamped the legs, the jockey held the position at the gap

The homestretch was inviting as well as pondering the minds of the jockeys, would it be a Garrison finish?

A billion-dollar question that typically prevails in the thoughts of the jockeys just before the gates are thrown open

There on from the start till the finish, it's a real race to win, the man and the colts synchronize to test their endurance

Of course, the fittest wins the race is an age-old theory that applies well to horse racing too

Relating this with our life & professional race, aren't we too are a breed who gets trained to race to win?

Life and professional challenges are the barriers that line us up to test our perseverance, our minds are the jockeys

Who holds the position to grip our wavering thoughts to gallop on the stretch that leads to a long road of ups & downs

Can we win the race? The lifeline question that prevails in our thoughts which the mind jockey must rein in

Call to action song trumpeted at our teenage, we as colts were raring to go, our mind jockeys synchronized

The gates of opportunity were thrown open and there on the race to accomplish began at a galloping speed

Of course the fittest wins, the age-old theory applies well to our life & professional race too 👍

Let's hold the reins of our mind to gallop in time to win the race 🙏🏼

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