Mind Control to align Thinking!

In a bunch of keys, only one out of the lot will open the lock hence we either separate the key from the lot or make a mark to identify

Likewise in the millions of thoughts, only a few will apply to the productivity of our lives hence we should either recognize these thoughts to store them or try to eliminate the unwanted thinking

How I try to prioritize my thoughts as per needs, am sharing below 👇

Self-care is primary hence my mind is tuned to focus on physical fitness and mind balancing exercises, 30minutes of the morning hours are set as default timings which my mind accepted over year's

Family care follows primary care, my mind is made to mind the need for unbiased love for family members because a family stays united so long the love & mutual care is without expectations

Professional care, as a freelancer, the primary allocation of time is to spend on reading, observing and learning, this is done on a comfort level without taking much pressure as excess stress towards this might setback self-health

Social life, online & offline, in my opinion, is a must to keep our spirits alive and kicking, I meet my adventure team once a week in person or on virtual connect to update ourselves and as well plan future outdoor campings

Of course, mind wandering happens at default which consumes at least 20% of the 24hours!

To summarize, I would say that unless we keep up the carving, a lively statue isn't possible, similarly unless we keep our self-efforts to bring the mind under control, blissful life isn't possible

We are what our thoughts are, so do keep working on mind control 🙏🏼



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