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Monkey in the tree!

There was this mango tree, standing tall, wide and strong at the backyard of our home

I must have been 7 years old (counting from my year of birth) when we moved into that home

An independent two-story structure with 60% oxygen space around and an abundance of greenery

We resided on the ground floor and the property owners family occupied the first floor

This mango tree was 20 years of age at that time, broad trunk, stood tall at 40' approx and the canopy spread wide enough for the top branches to touch the terrace of the house

I found my monkey skill (physic as well mind) in this tree, over year's I lost touch with physical skill but intact with the monkey mind

Before and after school hours was dedicated to upskilling my climbing ability, the first 10days tested my endurance

Reaching the first branch turned out to be an enormous task as the barks were giving away at each grip

I must confess that unless the mango tree had accepted to accommodate me, climbing up the tree would have remained a daydream

By the 12th day, I was happily sitting on the lower branch and began to count the number of black 🐜 scrawling in a file formation

I struck a friendship with the 🐜s, insects, squirrels, crows the myna and my clan, the monkeys who occasionally hop on the branches

The mango tree was the one where I run-up to and seek protection from the angry parents, the tree always hid me from the pair of angry eyes

Me and the monkeys used to bet on who reaches the terrace first, once during these stunts I missed my mark, slipped and fell on mother earth

My biological mother came rushing on hearing the crashing thud noise and to the siren sound that I kept hollering with my mouth

Assisted by our neighbours, mother took me to a nearby hospital, the doctor on duty diagnosed to find that except for the fracture in the left arm, I was in good shape

Subsequent two months was a curfew period for me, I badly missed my mango tree, had to remain content with that occasional glance of the tree through the window

How true, the value of a person or a life form is realised only when they are missed, if the separation of just 2 months had so much effect, to experience a permanent loss indeed is painful

By the way, post the curfew period I was back to my monkey business, the tenancy at the mango tree lasted for 5 years till the tenancy at that home, ceased

Life journey kept me well connected with Mother Nature, we as a team have conducted many outdoor camping events in the hills of Kodaikanal & the Nilgiris

The flora & fauna of the jungle, remain the 'prana' for all of us !



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