suryanarayanan k
3 min readMay 12, 2024

Mother’s Day 💐
The calf starred at the vastness of the rolling meadows and felt bewildered
In the past 4 months since it began to live in this world, the calf had never dared to stray away from its mom

This morning as the herd was herded towards their usual grazing lawns, the calf was overcome with the curiosity to explore beyond the woods that bordered the strech of lawn
The calf knew that it’s mother wouldn’t permit it to move even a few spaces away from her, let alone cross the woods
So it awaited for the right moment to slip away and as the calf joyfully ran towards the woods, the world appeared to welcome it’s freedom to wander
The woods was densely grown and in a matter of time, the calf lost its track and the fear of unknown terrain began to engulf it’s thoughts
Suddenly the noises around the woods sounded alien which escalated the calfs fear and it began to run in circles
Back there amidst the cattle, there was utter choas and each of them ran around looking for the calf
The mom cow was furious at the calf for not listening to her repeated warnings but blamed herself for failing to keep an eye on her baby
Unable to locate the calf even after an hour of searching, the catttles began to whisper that the calf probably has fallen prey to that lurking leopard
Tears in her eyes, the mom mooed at the herd saying to stop this nonsense talk and those who are willing to accompany her in searching till the calf is found, to walk with her
None of the cattle were willing to risk their lives or to face the anger of the cattle man, so they all lowered their heads in shame and began their retreat back to the farm
The mom cow wasn’t the one to surrender to situations and hence she steadfastly went in search of her baby
Deep in the woods, the cow heard the leopard roar and she feared the worst but continued with the search
As the sun was about to set, she exited the woods and mooed aloud calling for the calf
The wandering calf heard it’s moms voice which sounded faraway but strengthened it’s hopes of surviving from this ordeal
The calf mooed at the top of its voice which though was feeble, the mom cow heard and began to dash forward in the direction of the sound
There at a distance, she spotted her calf and overcome with relief and joy, the mom cow covered the last mile in seconds to embrace her baby and shower her love
The calf felt guilty and pleaded the mom to forgive it’s ignorance and for the stupid venture
The mom cow licked the calf with affection and said, i forgive you for first and the last time and never again will you step out of my sight
At that moment the cattle man came driving the pickup van and embraced the cow for her bravery and true love towards her baby
Back in the farm, the cattle man garlanded the mom cow and declared her as 'True Mother'
Rest of the cattle were happy to sing in chorus
"Happy Mothers Day" 💐