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1 min readMay 31, 2024

Nara - Narayana

My curiosity to understand why the term 'Nara' is associated with us, the humans, still remains insatiable

Though the following narration did throw some light on this deep subject to glimpse its depth

Nara - Narayana were the invincible duos of Dharma (Yama) as descendents who chose to dwell at Bharashram (Badrinath) for eons

They even challenged Shiva and neutralized the supreme power in the dual and remained formidable

Their mighty penance caused Indra (lord of devas) to respond through usual tactics of employing Apsaras to lure the sages using the power of Kama

The duos were steadfast in their endeavour and hence Indra had to call back the Apsaras and surrender to the sages might

Their true identity was revealed in Dwapar Yuga as Arjuna, the Nara and Sri Krishna, the Narayana

In this Kali Yuga, we as the descendent race of Arjuna or Nara, are aptly described as Naras and are tuned to connect with Sri Krishna or Narayana to fulfil the purpose of the original berth of

Nara - Narayana 🙏