Octogenarian Life!

Life in Octogenarian years can be blissful when the mind self realize the values and preferences of others in being independent as well remain interdependent

While on a long drive, the vehicle as well the driver may not remain as fit as they were at the start of the drive, the long drive will impact the physical and energetic levels

Imagine a situation that while on the drive the vehicle broke down inside a long tunnel and the electrical power inside the tunnel too switched off

The darkness and the vehicle condition is bound to put off anyone, the stress level will increase if the rest of the traffic grows impatient

The driver can successfully emerge from this situation only when the mind is controlled, the calmed mind can think of ways to solve

The driver may switch on the blinkers, call the automobile emergency service, reach out to the highway traffic control officers and patiently await assistance

Listening to mind soothing music, closing the eyes to meditate, browsing the internet or reading a favourite book are the ways to remain calm and collective

The electricity and the vehicle service team must come in some time and it's only a matter of few hours at the max to rectify and drive on to exit the tunnel and reach the destination

Our life is much comparable to this long drive, our initial zeal & drive is bound to diminish as we age, we may distance ourselves from the rest of the traffic and each of us will face a similar long & dark tunnel kind of situation in our life journey

If we relate our octogenarian stage of life to this situation inside the tunnel, then we must follow all those mind control exercises that we adhered to at the situation inside the dark tunnel

This is the best mindset to live through that phase of our senior life, especially when we happened to remain dependent on others

All an octogenarian needs to remember is that they also lived those younger year's and how their mindset was in those years

This will help them to consciously step into those other shoes and learn to respect others privacy, space and preferences

After all, isn't life is all about finding peacefulness and happiness in our lives?

As we move towards that octogenarian life, let's keep remembering these qualities of life which are far more important than anything else

With one foot in the bucket, it isn't wise to always keep thinking about kicking that bucket rather it is prudent to skip the thought of the bucket and move on

Isn't life is all about how we lived the life rather than how we were lead to living the life

Let peace and tranquillity prevail in our life to self-manage the octogenarian life 🙏🏼

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