Oneness !

An atheist questioned a Acharya -

As per your belief The Supreme God created an illusionary ie Maya of a Universe, the subjects and the life, you also belive in Oneness, if so why are multiple deities with different names and domains ?

Acharya said -

We are billions of human's with individual names, profession and lifestyle but collectively called 'humans'

There are millions of species, plants and living organisms, collectively termed as 'nature'

All these at just our planet called 'earth'

There are billions of other known and unknown planets, stars, constellations, etc which are all collectively known as 'universe'

Just imagine a situation where none of these terms prevail, won't that lead to a focus less, point less and purpose less life ?

Maya is the magnet which attract & repel to keep equilibrium

God is that magnet who attract & repel people like me and you to keep the equilibrium

Maya is God, God is Maya the Oneness from where all begin and all end 🙏

*Acharya didn't wait for the atheist reaction, just walked away

Do you second the Acharya's action ?

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