suryanarayanan k
2 min readFeb 6, 2024


Our deeds define our lives!

The young boy cycling down that road was transporting lunch carriers to the officers in the bank!

This was his daily duty on the working days as he had to assist his mother who managed to run their family of 3, including his maternal grandmother through the income generated from this food service!

Each time he passed that road, his eyes longingly looked at the school where he was a student till class 5 which he had to abruptly discontinue due to the untimely demise of his father!

One officer in her early twenties, who had recently been posted at this branch, kept observing the young boy, who politely waited by seating himself in a visitor chair till they all had their lunch!

On a Friday afternoon, while eating her lunch, she invited the boy to sit near her and began to converse gently, encouraging the boy to talk freely!

The boy felt the warmth in her words and opened up about their current family situation and the past tragedy!

Moved by the emotional connection with the boy's narration, she decided to support his educational needs!

On that Sunday, she visited the boy's home, met his mother and sincerely explained to her the need for the child's education and convinced the mother to accept her offer of financial support to educate the boy!

To put their minds at ease, she mentioned that her financial support could be repaid once the boy was employed after qualification!

Twelve years later, a smart young man walked into the branch to take charge as the manager, straight went to the chair where he last saw the young lady officer seated, kneeled and touched the ground to offer his respects!

The young lady officer had left this world two years earlier in a road accident but had kept her promise of educational support by assigning the interest income on her fixed deposit to fund his education 🎓

She might have left this world but her deed lived in the form of the young man who saw the world in her!

Souls depart, deeds stay 🙏