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Pandemic Life & After
Covid 19 pandemic's disastrous effects on humanity since year 2020 uptill now

Has claimed 3.12 million lives World wide, 195 thousands in India alone

10.9 million people lost their jobs in India in the year 2020

6,83,317 companies downed their shutters again in India alone

Like that tea break from the hectic working hours, Covid created an illusionary respite

And since has resumed it's calamities as wave 2 !

There's always light at the end of the tunnel and Indian economy is looking through the tunnel of darkness

For that light which might be switched ON by the following Hope for Good -

"India's economic growth is forecast to be 7.3 per cent in 2021, the fastest growing major economy with only China coming in a close second with a 7.2 per cent projected growth rate in calendar year 2021"

"The economy of India is characterised as a middle income growth market economy and is the world's sixth largest economy by nominal GDP & the third largest by purchasing power parity"

Thanks to Google for all the above stats 🙏

The darkest hours of night always end in the dawn of bright morning hours

So shall be our future too !

Let's take a look on how this is possible and on what is in store for us in New Normal

*The lockdown created the necessity to work from home WFH which was adapted as the lifestyle
*WFH viability is opening great opportunities in virtual world
*Virtual space can be anywhere across the globe hence people are relocating
*Pandemic sounded the alarm for Nature conservation and raised awareness on natural environment
*Millennials or Gen 'Y' have began to seriously study the feasibility for living amidst Nature in the rural country
*Reverse migration will decongest Metros and upgrade rural population to urbanization
*E commerce will prevail, E vechiles will rule the road, Pollution level will decrease, Green cover concepts will increase
*Individuals stress level will reduce leading to improved performances

In effect Mother Nature will begin to breath a bit free and so shall We 👍



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