Personality Development!

At 10 buckets of water per day, one may haul from the pond

At 100 buckets, one may draw from the well

At 1000 buckets, one has to opt for pipe water supply

50 years earlier, Bullock carts were the trend and so was the speed of lifestyle

20 years ago, jet speeds were trending

Today we have space rockets

One minute of productivity has evolved, as the lifestyles evolved, today anyone with the mindset of the Bullock cart times will surely be a misfit

As each minute productivity increased as per the speed of technology growth, the demand to keep up with the trend is motivating each one of us to upskill

Upskilling is the process of personality development that does well to keep a person updated with the times & trends

Realizing the required transformation from the 10 buckets to 1000 buckets is the process for the personality development

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