We can now breathe a bit easy!

Phytoplankton aka Plankton is tiny one-celled plants that are found on the surface of the oceans

They self grow, get their energies through the photosynthesis process and produce oxygen to contribute to approximate 80% of the world oxygen

"Nasa shared incredible images of phytoplankton bloom that was captured by 'Landsat 8', an American earth observation satellite"

"Summer is in full bloom" is the one-liner post by Nasa which is trending on Instagram that has mesmerized the viewers with pictures of the light blue hues in the Baltic Sea 🌊

The saying goes like this -
"When a door shuts, another opens"

Pandemic locked down humans lifestyle, emptied the chest locker, took away lives but provided the room for Nature to find space for regenerating Her resources

Now we can all breathe a bit easier !