Positive thoughts > Positive actions!

Before we touch the potter's wheel, we must find our passion for pottery making

Before we touch the cooking stove, we must find our taste for cooking

Before we wake up for the morning jog, we must find the rhythm in our run

When we self analyse and find our self-reliance on any given situation or action, we will find our self ability one step better

As an example, let's consider that I have committed to a content writing assignment within a time frame

In all probabilities, I must have committed based on my self ability and self-confidence that I will keep my commitment

This self-trust in me when combined with my writing skill, the result will be positive

In all probability, I would have kept my commitment because of the trust in me!

Our performances are based on our self-confidence, self-trust and a positive mindset

Believe in yourself, self analyse to realize your ability, trust in your skill, be positive

Then your thoughts will positively result in productive actions🙏🏼



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suryanarayanan k

suryanarayanan k

Who Am I * 40yrs self-employment 👇 • Printing & Packaging • Tourism Resort Promotor • Adventure sports & camping events • Backpacker, Solo traveller • Writer