suryanarayanan k
2 min readJun 4, 2024

Power of Mind is supreme

Time and again it is proven that the 'pen' is mightier than the 'sword'
Pen here refers to wise minds and the Sword denotes physical prowess
In the past, mighty empires were ruled by kings who were empowered to sit on the throne by the sagacious kingmakers
Chanakya and Chandragupta’s tale is an exemplary example of 'strategy & valour' synchronisation for the greater cause
Chanakya is a tale of two unidentical and unrecognisable strangers with two different skills coming together and establishing a massive empire that spanned centuries
Chanakya turned precocious at a tender age and learned to grow wise and clever with a single motive to accomplish using the only available resource, his mind
Chanakya identified the potential king in the young Chandragupta and made an emperor out of him to ably rule a vast empire that was systematically established by the clever strategies of Chanakya
Today, under similar principles, large conglomerates are established and managed by learned humans who apply their wisdom to keep these organisations active and growing
Chandragupta wouldn’t have believed that he could be a great warrior and a noble ruler but for the guidance of Chanakya
Founders of conglomerates can’t manage to keep the show running but the timely guidance of learned and skilled staff/consultants
Where there’s a lack of brain power, the result of actions will be devoid of success
But for the brain, the body is just an identity
Hence the power of mind is supreme 🌴