Railway Tourism!

Vistadome Coaches!
The turnaround concept of the Indian railways!

Next time if you happen to be in Bengaluru and say you are that traveller who is soulfully connected with Mother Nature

Then you must not miss boarding this train linked with the Vistadome passenger coaches

This express 🚂 is scheduled to run between 'yeswantpur' (Bengaluru) and Mangalore railway junction

This train route traverses through the western ghats specifically via the scenic
Sakleshpur - Subramanya ghat sections

Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) designed coaches are lighter in weight, have spacious seating capacity, high speed and carrying capacity, an increased codal life and better safety features

The Vistadome tourist coach provides a larger viewing area including rooftop glasses with 44 seats that rotate up to180 degrees to face the direction of train movement.

The coach is also equipped with a Wi-Fi-based Passenger information system.

The 180° rotatable seats face a wide and large window that will offer a clear close-up view to the passengers.

There are glass rooftops that offer a view of the sky to the passengers. These rooftops have anti-glare screens too.

Vistadome coaches will act as the differentiator for quality tourism from overseas as well the national travellers

Indeed the Vistadome coaches can prove to be the game-changer for Indian railways 👍



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