Self Analysis!

On our first visit to the local vegetable market, we will take a casual stroll to identify and connect with a vendor upon whom our conscious thinking felt convinced

After the customary bargains, the vegetable bag is filled with assorted vegetables and before we take leave of the vendor, the usual question is asked - ‘can I trust you

When we attach so much importance to analyse and conclude on a vegetable vendor shouldn't we give more importance to self analyse our self-reliance?

Our walks of daily life throw many challenges which unless realized, will be a bit difficult to overcome

Self-analysis reveal our competency to face these obstacles and pave way for successfully sorting such issues, from time to time

Can I trust you is an ever lingering point of doubt which also is yet another reason for the self-analysing necessity

Unless we can identify the fresh vegetable from the decayed, we will remain dependent on the vegetable vendor and the ‘can I trust you will stay in our minds forever

Unless we self realize our physical & mental capacity, the trust in ourselves will not be complete

Hence self-analysis is an important quality to lead a successful life 👍

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