Small Steps to Positivity!

Let me narrate a superstitious practice that prevailed in the late year's the 1960s & 1970s -

In a specific community, the members before stepping out of their home will stand at the main door, will observe the left and right side of the road to look out for any single male person walking on the road because they strongly believed that the sighting of such a person will jeopardize their mission

This stupidity cost precious hours of a person on an errand, imagine someone giving this as the reason for the late entry into an important meeting

Well it took almost a generational gap to bring a change in their mindset towards such superstitions

Our certain preset notions are our actual obstacles that obstruct our growth mode, hence when we focus more on enlightening ourselves on these assumptions, the faster we can exit them

Now let's look at our daily routine -

Even the slightest delay in waking up hours will begin to ponder, our disciplined mind will find this unacceptable and cause discomforts in straight thinking

This unnecessary stressful thinking when arrested and the mind gets self-motivated, despite the waking up hour, the day will be productive

There shall be such similar and small deviations that would put us off which when realized will change our mindset to accept the practicality and remain realistic

Self-confidence is nothing but self-trust, self-trust is gained by self-realization and these realizations do assist a person to change their approach towards positivity 👍



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suryanarayanan k

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