That 'Nomad' quality rest deep in our minds and resurfaces - On & Off

As 'Foragers' we were living such a life, wandering in search of food and shelter

Cultivation confined us at one place and we learned to live a life as Civilised

Social standards began to define our Lifestyles and we succumbed to the pressures

Working & Living under constant growth mode to stay competent & competitive

We have evolved considerably over the period of centuries by being innovative and creative

Thou outwardly all these make us appear completely different from the 'CaveMen' that we were

To escape from the mundane lifestyle and wander around as a 'Free Bird'

We do occasionally behave like our ancestors

"The spirit at heart when synch with soul, we find Nature"

I think it is absolutely fine to occasionally wander amidst Nature to rejuvenate

And find out lost touch with Mother Nature -

Do you too feel like this ?

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