The Bodhi Tree!

The Bodhi Tree bowed down to pay its respects to the Holy Soul sitting at the base in lotus posture

The Peepal Tree has been blessing all life forms who happen to take shelter beneath for the past 1200 human year's

Also known as the Ashwattha Tree it has significant references in Hinduism Buddhism and Jainism for its sacred values

The tree has been witnessing the change in the cultural beliefs and practices of the people who visit the tree to offer their prayers

When the tree sprouted it found itself amidst the thickly wooded grove, the growth spread far and wide

The daylight graced the canopies of the tall trees, shined on the plants for the photosynthesis process and illuminated the path of that occasional spiritual wanderer

By the year it grew to a height of 50', people of all walks were converging beneath the tree to pay respects as per their beliefs

The Bodhi tree knew that the humans treated the tree as sacred, eternal and divinely

Of late the issue has been raised in the form of humans ignorance as they turned superstitious

Started to hang clothes, ropes from the lower branches 🎋, have begun to rip tiny barks out of the tree trunk

Pouring turmeric mixed water at the roots of the tree, applying sandal paste & tilak all around the trunk

The peepal tree pitied at the human's stupidity since their unmindful actions of suspending objects from the branches lower the withstanding strength of the branch

Pouring turmeric water at the tree base impacts the soil and the roots of the tree, the sandal paste blocks the natural evolvement of the bark

The tilak as it dries, suck the moisture content out of the trunk of the tree, loosen the bark to finally end up on the ground

The Bodhi Tree once again bowed down to touch the feet of the Yogi who was in deep meditation

The Spiritual person opened the eyes, lovingly caressed the branch and asked for the reason behind waking the inner soul to view this materialistic world

The tree politely pointed out the ignorant actions of the humans and requested a remedy

The Yogi smiled and replied -

As per the law of the Kala Chakra, all living forms of Bhuloka must perish one day and there are nil exceptions

Only the Soul can traverse away from this Lok to the other lokas

Hence the eternal tree too must one day cease to exist

The Bodhi Tree felt enlightened, bowed again to the Spiritual Guru and resumed its duty of blessings all the life forms that come to pray 🙏



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