The Lotus Flower!

The Lotus Flower > The Significance!

Am just a bit curious as to why quite a few of the Hindu Gods portray the lotus flower as the symbol of the seat

Vishnu, the protector symbolically convey the lotus flower as the seat of origin via His Aanadapadmanaba posture from which position

Brahma, the Creator who is seated on the lotus flower, emerges from the navel of God Vishnu

Saraswati, Goddess for Education/knowledge is shown seated on the lotus flower

Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity is also seated on the lotus flower

Kuber, the God representing wealth is seated on this lotus flower-shaped throne

Sahasrara, the abode of wisdom and the last chakra in kundalini prayoga is also in the shape of a lotus flower

Another intriguing concept of this lotus flower is that this plant grows only in muddy water and not in a freshwater pond!

Is the ancient knowledge conveying to us that the impurities in our thought process can blossom into a creative thought if we understand, realize and tap the 7th chakra?

I look at this in this format -

We all know that the Kundalini Power in us is the potent energy which when raised reach the 7th chakra (Sahasrara) to enlighten our soul and this chakra represent the lotus flower, if so then

God Vishnu, the God for protection, caring and the universal balancer, projected as the originator of the lotus flower must resonate with

By kundalini prayoga, we can well balance ourselves, self protect and raise the empathy quality in us

The Creator (Brahma) probably indicates that the wisdom thus gained thro the potent energy make us a creator of good qualities in humans

Goddess of knowledge, seated on this lotus flower is conveying that wisdom is attained when the energy reaches the Sahasrara

Prosperity and Wealth which are represented by the respective Gods, also representing the lotus formation could indicate the same

In other words, our creativity, wisdom, prosperity and wealth are attainable if we practice the Kundalini pra'yoga'

I invite your views and perspectives on this line of thoughts 🙏🏼



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