suryanarayanan k
2 min readFeb 27, 2024


The mind dwells more on past mistakes than on past good deeds

The mind has a valid reason for this act

The more the mind recalls past good deeds the higher the chances for the mind to get lured by pride

Pride can lead to arrogance which reactions can erase all the good deeds of the past

Self-boasting is another possible character that can creep in by excessive pride in self-accomplishments

Those who find simple joy in boasting tend to forget the joy of doing good and being good

The more the mind thinks about past mistakes in life, the better the chances for a person to take the lesson from the mistakes and avoid repeating such mistakes in future life

Consistent deliberations on past misdoings may cause guilt feelings which the person must learn to take on healthy grounds and avoid the guilty feelings from escalating to depression or bitterness

A mistake if repeated endorses a person as a misfit, seals further opportunities for healthy interactions with others and causes the person to choose a solitude life

Loneliness is the stepping stone for depression and depression becomes the reason for suicidal thoughts, thus eroding the self-confidence in a person

It is wiser to pay attention to what the mind is trying to communicate and learn to take positive inputs from that to bring a change in our approach to life

The mind, at some point, will stop minding our future if we fail to listen to its consistent alerts through the reminders of our past mistakes

Let's begin to mind what our minds are minding and learn to mend our ways to lead a better life in our future days 🌱