suryanarayanan k
2 min readJun 10, 2024

The "Mukti"

Eternal Rest

The Atmas (souls) were forming a line and the length ran for miles

It was rebirth time and the Atmas were keeping their subtle body fingers, crossed

Till they are born, their birth is kept a secret to maintain orderly acceptance and obedience

Many recollected their deeds in their previous birth and were vaguely aware of their Karmic debts and credits

Their imminent birth was about to happen and there was an air of expectations and reconciliation amidst the souls (Atmas)

Earlier there was a brief get-together of Atmas at the centre of justice where each of the Atma's deeds were read aloud

Atmas whose percentage of good deeds exceeded bad deeds, were offered the choice of choosing their rebirth time but not the type of birth

Many souls opted to stay back for a longer period as souls chose to complete their reformation before the scheduled rebirth

That made sense since souls that have realised and reformed had a better prospect for attaining Mukti in the upcoming birth

One such soul was reborn as a human and given a human name by the family sooner after the birth as an infant

The Creator appeared and called the child by the name but the child just smiled

The Creator reappeared after 70 years and called the man by his name and he responded by acknowledging His presence

The Creator asked about the attachment with the human name and the man said, that's my identity

The creator asked, 'Who is this identity' and the man beat his chest and said 'It's me'

The Creator took the Prana out of the body and the soul (Atma) exited the gross body and stood next to the Creator

The Atma looked at its previous body and the people around it and none seemed to call him by the name as everyone was addressing his body as 'Preta'

Confused, the Atma looked at the Creator who said 👇
Your so-called name identity is only till I take out the Prana and thereafter, you are just another body - preta

The Atma realised and surrendered to the Creator, who accepted and offered 'Mukti' to that Soul

Names serve as an identity for humans to address each other and the concept of 'Me' applies only to identify an individual's qualities

Once the Souls (Atmas) depart, the 'I', the 'Me' and the 'Name' get erased

As Atmas (souls), there's no identity but a collective purpose alone prevails and that is 👇
To attain Mukti 🙏