The Power of God!

The Brahman!

The spiritual core of universal finiteness
The Satyam (truth) The Jnanam (creation) The Anantam (bliss)
The highest universal principle
The "that is constant"
The knowledge, The infinity

Is that all about Brahman?

The lotus form from which The Brahman is described to have emerged or blossomed

That lotus flowers roots are mentioned to be rooted at Lord Vishnus naval, The protector, The preserver

Interpretational thinking blossomed the following perspective in me!

The Vedas, The Upanishads, The Puranas, The Gita - All these scriptures educate to self realize the 'God Power'

All these scriptures emphasize that God resides IN all life forms, Lalitha Sahasranama enlightens that the Power of God is in 'Kundalini Power'

Let's take a look at the Chakras -

* Muladhara, the root chakra located at the base of the spine is the founding force of life security and stability

* Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra located just below the belly button is the driving force for sexual, creative energy and emotional balancing

* Manipura, the navel chakra located at the base of the sternum is related to the power of fire or the 'lustrous gem'

Anahata, the heart chakra located at the centre of the spine is the force that builds compassion, empathy, love and forgiving qualities

Vishddhi, the throat chakra is located at the throat region near the spine and is the cause for the truthfulness and communications skills

Agya or Ajna, the 3rd eye chakra is located between the eyebrows at the centre of the head, this is the power of perceptions, consciousness and intuitions, this chakra is also the focal point for deep meditation

Sahasrara, the crown chakra is located at the crown of the head with the energy radiating upwards to consciously connect with the universal flow of energy and attain spiritual enlightenment

Now let's take a look at life birth to life self-realization -

* upbringing is the foundational force especially till the adolescent age which is the base aadhar (Mula radar)

* sustaining the professional life require a creative approach and the core purpose of the married life is to procreate (Swa means self-awareness, adhistana - Adhi the origin & stana the life Amrit)

* Self-trust, Self-confidence, Self-reliance, Self-motivating > fire denotes the quantum energy that raises the willpower to balance these qualities and shine like a 'lustrous gem' (Mani means eternal, Pura is total)

Compassion, Empathy, Love All are the qualities that bring value to a person and establish one's identity (Anah means patience, perseverance - Ata mean the gift)

* Truth or Honesty connects one to the roots of life, reveal the meaning of life and enable stability in thoughts by which a person is well balanced (Vishu means hope and Diya is the flame of hope)

Wisdom is the state of knowledge enlightened with conscious self-exploration, perspectives and intuitions empowered by focus & meditation opens the inner eye, the vision of oneself (Ajna means the eye of intellect)

When the subconscious mind synch with the eye of intellectuality one reaches the stage of universal consciousness, the state of physic and the metaphysic realizing the purpose of life or birth (Sahasrara means 1000 petals lotus )

To summarize, the umbilical cord bond with the mother in the womb is cut ✂️ after birth only to be bound with the umbilical cord of Love and materialistic bonds

The Brahman emerged with the umbilical cord of bond with Narayana and seated Himself on 1000 petal lotus after self-realizing His purpose of the birth, The Creation

We too must remain bounded with the umbilical cord of the purpose of our birth by self-realizing through the Power of Kundalini

The power to tap the power of the Kundalini is in Pranayama & Meditation, profoundly initiated by an Acharya (Guru)

Let's self realize the Brahman in Us 🙏🏼



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