suryanarayanan k
2 min readFeb 1, 2023


The stretch of parched soil was forlorn!

The past decade has decayed its fertile strength and the green cover had gradually diminished!

The soil tried its best to hold the roots of the vegetation but the monsoons failed to support it!

Seasons went by and the sun ☀️ rays sucked the moisture dry!

Leaving the stretch of the soil high and dry!

The soil began to resign to its fate and was fast losing the hope of greener days!

This morning dawned with the sight of a few dragonflies flying which awakened the hopes of the soil for expecting the monsoon, soon!

Daylight was shadowed by the dark clouds ☁️ that formed in the sky!

And behold the sky opened to pour torrential rain that quenched the thirsty soil to its hearty content!

The soil thanked the dragonflies as they appeared as angels from the sky to mark the end of distressed days!

Our Lifetimes are like the stretch of soil that goes through multiple seasons to retain the glory of the greener days!

Situations in life may turn the lifetimes as barren as a deserted land and make the person lose hope of survival!

A single positive change, however small it is, can revive the hope of a better tomorrow in the person's mind!

As the seeds sprout again, the soil will regain the joy of nourishing the vegetation around to grow and spread the green cover!

As the times inspire the person to regain their self-confidence, the mind evolves to perform and grow again!

Barren lands needn't remain barren so long the soil regains the hope of survival!

Barren life needn't remain barren so long the mind regains the self-confidence to sustain!

Rain clouds can't deny the rights of the soil for a long time nor the situations of life deny the growth of a person, for a long time 🌱