The Time!

The wall clock ticked 9.06 am
The wristwatch read 9.10 am
The mobile phone showed 9.08 am

Now my mind began to oscillate like the pendulum in the wall clock!

These wall clock arms were busy running in a circle for the past 2 decades non-stop except for once to get repaired

The wrist ⌚ has been adorning my wrist for close to 6 years but for the power cell that was replaced 4 times, the watch has been watching over my personal and professional times tirelessly

The smartphone is relatively a newcomer, gifted by my children to encourage and motivate me to be a bit smarter

All fine but which time is perfect?

That's when my mind connected with our connections with other humans around

Aren't we judging a person by their looks?

A senior person will be considered to be a bit slow in their movements though they have been moving around for a long time like that aged wall clock

A middle-aged person will be taken as someone who is preoccupied with their life and commitments like the wristwatch that keeps working tirelessly

A young person will be expected to be energetic, active and agile like the smartphone

Isn't each of our lifetimes different from the others and if so shouldn't we remain focused on our time rather than bothering about others times?

I for one decided to remain focused on my time and chose to follow the smartphone time since off late this phone and me have almost become inseparable

Who knows maybe if I keep myself attached to this smartphone and follow its time there's a likely possibility for that smartness to rub on my mind

Either way, to look at this, it is always wise to follow self-time and mind our business 👍

Who Am I * 40yrs self-employment 👇 • Printing & Packaging • Tourism Resort Promotor • Adventure sports & camping events • Backpacker, Solo traveller • Writer