suryanarayanan k
2 min readJun 19, 2024

Thoughts on parents

There's no specific time or day to think of our parents, anytime, any moment is good

In the mid 20th century, life in the villages of south india was basic and fenced

Families were large but earnings were meagre
Sharing began from living space to the slice of bread and casual wear cloths was passed down the line of siblings

To imagine the life of a city bred girl in one such village in those years, dries up the hope for a better future

But this girl grew up into a fine woman with a touch of rural and more of a metro drive

So at the first chance she said OK, married the city dwelling, smart young man and returned to live in the city

The joint family system practiced in those years had its advantages and as well restrictions that kind of fenced a woman from achieving her dreams

Content being an homemaker, she lived supportive of her man to build a beautiful home

This smart and handsome man also hailed from a village but the rural atmosphere didn't dent his desire to test the city life and make a better life

He was successful in profession and personal life but his passion for reaching the stardom as a carnatic singer remained unfulfilled

Life over years bonded their souls with love and care for each other which he wished to carry forward to the next birth

He, a famous carnatic musician and she be at his side in every stage across the globe

They departed from this mortel world but we are searching for the prodigy in carnatic music in whom we are sure to see our father

And of course our mother by his side

Years may pass but the fond memories of our parents will live in our hearts and we will continue our search for the prodigy till our last breath on this earth 🌎