Trees were planted, nourished and worshipped by our ancestors not for the timber value but for the Source of Life - Oxygen

As per survey, two mature leafy trees are belived to provide oxygen supply to a family of four

Larger the tree, more the oxygen supply ?

Not necessarily, rather more dense the tree coverage, high the oxygen source

Animism, the ancient form of tree worship was probably the best cultural religion practiced by our ancestors

The Peepal tree, also known as The Bodhi Tree is the largely worshiped tree by the Buddhism followers as Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under this tree

The Banyan is a sacred tree for Hinduism followers as it is belived to represent the form of Trimurtis - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Kuber the God of wealth was also related with this tree -

Now if we analyse the deep meaning behind these beliefs, we can easily relate to the facts like

Oxygen keep one's life and mind functional hence meditating beneath the source for oxygen - the tree, enable a person to attain enlightenment (knowledge)

Remember our age old Gurukul system of education was held under such trees only

Obviously oxygen is the key factor in a person's birth, life and death hence probably the relative significance with Trimurtis

Unless a person is knowledgeble, creation of wealth will be impossible and this knowledge is well gained beneath a tree, thus the correlation with Lord Kuber

Our views of a tree vary -
A passerby will thank for the shade from hot 🌞
A child will find happiness in relishing the fruit of the tree
An artist will find a beautiful sculpture in one of branch
A ornithologist will be proud of the tree for sheltering those birds
A nature lover will bow to the tree
A homeless will find a home beneath the tree
Only the Greedy human will cut the tree for its timber value

A tree carry so many values while it is standing tall and even after withering away, it turns into a 💎

Let's learn to respect a tree as a tree than as a mere timber 🙏



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