suryanarayanan k
2 min readJun 15, 2024

Trek that woke up the sleeping minds

Nijagal Betta is a small hillock at an hour + drive from Bangalore

It's a lively weekend trekking option and has its own charm of bringing joy in the minds of passionate trekkers

Left to ruin, the ruins that dot this hillock vary from caves to forts and temples that draw the attention of trekkers to explore the hidden history

Though I couldn't trace any evidence of the battle between Hyder Ali and Peshwa Madhav Rao, that doesn't mean that it was not fought here

My take on the trek up this Nijagal Betta is that

Negative aspects
* The loose gravel may pose challenges
* The rocky terrains can be slippery in monsoon
* The final climb atop the Shiva temple and the Dargah is tough

Positive aspects
* The view atop is breathtaking beauty of the country side
* Hoysala period sculptures carved all the way up is intriguing and as well connects to the richness of the past era
* The huge boulders and solid rocks that sit on one another triggers the mind to think on 'who could've organised these here' is it our giant ancestors of Divine

We were a group of 6 seniors, 80% charming women and 20% dreaming men, guided by a passionate outdoor enthusiast and a nature conservator by heart, Raghu; the climb wasn't tough but quite challenging at few spots on the way up

We began to ascend around 7.30 am and took our own sweet time to enjoy each and every moment on the hill

As a first timer in testing the slopes of hills, one member surprised herself and others with her agile and vibrant trek though she did slip once to bounce on her bums

Two out of the 1/2 dozen trekkers, tried the tough climb atop the hill and succeeded to ascend the huge boulders, enjoy the view and descend safely

Adequately equipped with refreshments, energy drinks and the desire to stretch beyond our limits, we all joyfully covered the trekking expedition and drove back home with the rejuvenated mind and a bit tired body

There are multiple choices for passionate trekkers in and around Bengaluru and many of them can be a days trek,
So back your handy backpack and ahead up to the hills, they are awaiting

* No shops nor assistance there, so plan well