suryanarayanan k
2 min readMar 24, 2024


True and False Values?

The royal elephant 🐘 was slowly and steadily walking on the Rajpath (main road) with the king seated on the top and the mahout walking by its side

The royal procession reached the shrine and the public praised the king in chorus while the elephant kneeled to assist the king to alight

As the elephant raised to stand, it fondly wrapped its trunk around the mahout as a sign of the deep bond built over years

The king felt a bit jealous and commanded the mahout to make the elephant repeat its gesture to him

Despite the cajoling, commanding and even threatening by the mahout, the elephant refused to obey which infuriated the king who in a fit of rage, ordered his guards to kill the elephant

Just then, there appeared a sage-like person who calmed down the agitated situation and addressed the public saying
"There's a valid reason behind the elephant's action and I will grant a boon to the elephant to talk for a while to convey its thoughts"

Everyone, including the king, was curious to hear an elephant talking and accepted the holy person's suggestion

The holy man said, if I make the elephant talk, then all of you, the king included must accept and respect the elephant's views

King and the public nodded their heads in approval and at that, the sage starred at the elephant's eyes and said
'Speak up now'

The elephant trumpeted once to pay its respects to the holy man and began to speak, it said

"Dear humans, the person who sits atop me remains a king only till there's a crown up their head but the person who walks on the floor beside me remains a mahout till the last breath, either his or mine and hence I value truth more than the false"

Everyone was speechless and it was the king who spoke first "What even the learned ministers of my court couldn't educate me, this elephant did and I am enlightened! I therefore reverse my order and will begin to revere this judgment"

The holy man smiled, caressed the elephant and walked into the shrine to thank the almighty for supporting him in this cause

In this world, true values remain hidden till the false values are revealed 🌱