True Smile

A smile on the face radiates than the wad of currency on hand!

The attendee at the air filling counter in the fuel station will feel happy at our word of thanks with a smile on our face than the tip

The luggage porter at the railway station will find true joy not only when we open the wallet but also when we open our mouths to thank the person for the service

The taste of the meal at the restaurant fills not only our hearts but of the waiter too when we appreciate their care for fulfilling our hunger

The face that smiles at seeing the bundle of currency never smiles from the heart and lasts till the currency exists

The face that smiles at seeing our face truly smiles, lasts till our last breath and never ceases to smile at seeing our happiness

A smile from the heart glows till the last
A smile on the lips glows till the purpose lasts

Let's value a smile as a smile than a smile to gain miles 👍

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