suryanarayanan k
2 min readFeb 12, 2024


Unsolicited Doctor's treatment

I couldn't focus on my writing as the buzzing noise was at ear's length

I swayed my hands in that direction and went back to writing assuming the cause for that noise was arrested

In a few moments, the buzzing resumed and this time, it was followed by a sharp sting on my right shoulder

I swatted that spot with my left hand and was immediately alarmed to hear a voice calling out
'you have murdered'

I ceased to write and looked around to trace the source of the voice
But there were none around as I generally chose to be alone while writing

At that moment I realised that the voice was none other than my conscience and I was bewildered

Why would my inner voice accuse me for no reason?
And that's when I noticed a mosquito 🦟 lying dead on the floor

Confused and curious, I asked my conscience the reason for addressing me as a murderer because I believed that killing a mosquito isn't a crime

The voice said, mosquito or monarch, you have no right to remove a life from this world as 'taking life' is an exclusive right of the 'God of Death'

I was a bit annoyed at this reply and spoke my mind by saying that, mosquitos 🦟 are unhealthy as they spread the disease and multiply in millions in a matter of seconds

Hence even a purposeful killing of a mosquito is not a crime, let alone my unintentional kill

A reply from deep within me was vibrant with words like 'there can be no justification for killing'

My confusion turned to irritation and I stopped this conversation by saying that
"If that's my Karma, so be it"

Well, am no longer listening to my conscience as far as these mosquitos 🦟 are concerned but opted to shift my seat to a better airy space to avoid any further deliberations on this subject by avoiding these mosquitos 🦟

With hopes that I could focus on my writing without the buzzing noise, I bid my goodbye to the mosquitos 🦟

* note 👉 the mosquitos never said goodbye :)