Walk The Talk!

In one of our outdoor camping activities, we chose to take a new route to trek

As it is wise to take the guidance of a local guide or a tribal, we engaged a local guide whose credentials we failed to cross-verify

Deep into the woods, we saw this guy looking around in a confused manner and realised that he wasn't conversant with the terrain

We were lost but eventually managed to retrack our trek route due to our disciplined practice of mentally marking landmarks on any treks

Now this local guide not only missed to walk his talk but led our team to wander and ultimately lost his credibility

Though it was a lesson learnt by us, our general comfort level with the local guides turned a bit uncomfortable because of this guide's ignorance

One guides stupidity cost not only his professional competence but also the credibility of the local guides as a team

The same situation applies to any business 👇

👉 Understand your competence

👉 Offer services/products that are tested and certified

👉 Commit only that you can honour

👉 Let come what may, keep the commitment

👉 Follow up

Walk the Talk is applicable in all walks of our life and that especially in our profession & career, how we walk after our talk will define the future of our walks

There are two ways we can learn the value of ‘walk the talk'

One, realise well in advance to be matured in our approach and actions


Learn from the incidents in our profession/career before it dents 🙏🏼

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