suryanarayanan k
1 min readFeb 10, 2024


Wedding Anniversaries are jubilation times 🌹

In the mundane of life, we often lose count of the 'times' of togetherness, since marriage 👫

Thankfully the annual wedding anniversary day reminds the couple of the day, they united as "Man & Wife"

Today the 10th of February stood witness to two pairs of couples uniting by heart, soul and mind to remain, happily wedded, albeit in different time zones

The young pair 👭 are welcoming their first anniversary and the young-at-heart pair 👫 are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary

In the 35 years of togetherness, this couple set an example of being "made for each other" by living up to the values of 'Martial Harmony'

The young couple are walking that path set by their well-wishing predecessor couple to hold their hands, bonded by 'pure love' from their souls

Years will pass but these couples will live happily to celebrate many more joyful wedding anniversaries in their life

On this day, we feel blessed to wish the couples, a
"Happy Wedding Anniversary"
To Priya & Natraj
To Shilpa & Suraj