Why camping at the outdoors is organised ? Basically to take us back to the golden days of happily coexisiting with Nature !

Outdoor campings are conducted mainly to bring people closer with Nature, to make them understand on -

The well balanced functioning of various species, plants and life inside forest

The IN camp and Outside the camp activities are to educate and train on the various obstacles survival capabilities -
Improve Knowledge on the forest vegetation and terrain

But alas, the greed of monetary gains has creeped into these activities too to an extent that the -

Unauthorised and irresponsible tourism is destructing Nature and paving way for frequent -
Human - Animal conflict 🔥

The recent incident at Madinagudi where an adult elephant was torched by throwing flamed tyre on it to drive it back into forest -
In reality it was driven to its death

And the trampling of an young lady by an elephant since she was lured to camp deep inside the jungle

Are completely human made incidents and in no way can these be blamed on wilderness or on Mother Nature

I strongly believe that the best course of correction and prevention of such activities

Is by setting up an ideal campsite at the permitted location without hindering the forest life

I sincerely wish and hope, we human's live to respect Nature and try to coexisit :)



suryanarayanan k

suryanarayanan k

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